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n. (plural of slope English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: slope)

Usage examples of "slopes".

Rengarth Barbarians roared a challenge and charged the forested slopes, their shadows running ahead.

At first glance, the mountain appeared uninhabited, but as the Brass Babboon rushed closer, they could catch glimpses of motion on the slopes and about the base.

On the slopes, grapevines had sprouted tufts of furry greenish-white leaflets.

The dwarves, toting hides of horse meat, mounted stone slopes for their base camp.

As the fields greened, grass ran like green flame up the slopes toward retreating snow.

Six days later they came out on the gentler slopes that lay around Rotengre and its branch of the Immer.

Paks saw carefully terraced slopes set with precise rows of dark sticks.

As the gates opened, Paks could see nothing at first but distant slopes, dim in the early light.

Paks looked down gentler slopes to see plowland and the pink and white of fruit trees in bloom.

Mount Meru is a place forbidden to me, for those on its slopes are immune to death as long as they remain in that place.

The higher slopes were covered in heather, tiny purple blossoms partially opened, fat bees hovering over them as if the fanning of their wings could ease the flowers open.

Leaving the Ystrad behind, the companions climbed slopes steeper and rockier than any they had traveled before.

Mountain streams, whose water ran cold and clear, made winding lines of sparkling silver as they danced down the slopes into the distant valley lands.

He tramped steadily down the hill slopes without even turning to see whether Taran and the others were able to keep up with him.

The Barghast lived to the north, upon the slopes of the hills and within the Range itself.