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Slonimsky is a Russian, Belarusian, Polish and Jewish surname. It means "a person from the city of Slonim".

Persons with this surname include the following:

  • Antoni Słonimski: Polish poet
  • Piotr Słonimski: Polish-French geneticist
  • Hayyim Selig Slonimski: Hebrew publisher, astronomer, inventor, and science author
  • Ludvig Slonimsky: Russian economist, son of Zinovy Slonimsky
  • Mikhail Slonimsky: Soviet writer; younger brother of Nicolas Slonimsky
  • Nicolas Slonimsky: Russian-American musicologist and music critic
  • Sergei Slonimsky: Russian composer, son of Mikhail Slonimsky
  • Zinovy Slonimsky: Russian-Jewish mathematician, the same person as Hayyim Selig Slonimski