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n. (alternative form of shloka English)

Sloka (Hyderbad Waldorf school)

The Steiner School in Hyderabad, also known as Sloka, is a school founded by the Education Renaissance Trust.


Sloka may refer to:

  • Sloka, Latvia, a neighbourhood of Jūrmala, Latvia
  • Sloka meter, a Sanskrit meter
  • Śloka, a Hindu prayer
  • Sloka Gora, a small settlement in central Slovenia
  • Sloka (Hyderbad Waldorf school)

Usage examples of "sloka".

Behind them, the sage continued his chant, reciting slokas upon slokas, the mantras seeming to change the very texture of the air they breathed, infusing their lungs with raw, pure energy drawn down from the akasa to replace the foul atmosphere of the Bhayanak-van.