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Sloche (band)

Sloche were a 1970s progressive rock band from Quebec, Canada.

The band's name comes from the word used in Quebec for wet snow. It is an English word, 'slush', but is written so as to sound the same in French.


Sloche is a frozen beverage sold by the convenience store chain Couche-Tard, mostly in the province of Quebec, Canada. While it is similar in concept to the traditional Slush Puppie, Sloche has gathered much publicity through an aggressive (and sometimes controversial) marketing campaign. The oversized Sloche plastic cups are covered with humorous slogans such as: "No animal has tasted this product before you," and "A good source of crushed ice." Couche-Tard also used to sell gummy candies under the Sloche brand. Some of these candies had to be removed from the shelves after allegations that their concept art was racist.