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The sloch in the rear began to clamber over their fallen comrades to get at Edern.

The sloch that she and Edern had faced had been tiny and about as swift-moving as these slow drowned men with their shuffling gait.

Her drowned dead and giant sloch would be more than up to completing the task on their own and the end result would be as final.

The night air, already fouled with the boggy smell of the sloch that capered beyond the sea dead, now filled with the stench of burning hair and cooked flesh.

Sea dead and sloch both gave way to the little company as it forged forward.

The sloch kept their distance for the moment, merely pacing them, keeping them hemmed in on either side.

Her sloch rose in a wave from the moorland around her, more than they could ever hope to combat with their rapidly diminishing supply of saltwater bombs.

Just as they had lent her their strength for the large sloch that she had called up from the bogs, for the drowned dead that had marched up from their sea graves, for the storm that had grown from the red fire of her rage to cloud the sky with her anger so that her own mind would remain calm.

Putting the mystery of the Men-an-Tol at her back, she set off for the town, the sea dead shuffling in her wake, the sloch capering along either side.

On either side of her, shadowy sloch capered and flittered in the wind.

Not the capering figures of the sloch that surrounded the Widow, but older shadows: the dark voices that whispered to every man’s and woman’s heart, that fed on jealousy and anger and hatred.

The capering oversized sloch that the Widow had made from bog and shadow and parts of herself collapsed in upon themselves into heaps of putrefied mud and rotting vegetation.