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SLO may refer to:

  • Salem–Leckrone Airport (IATA airport code), near Salem, Illinois
  • San Luis Obispo, California

:* California Polytechnic State University

:* San Luis Obispo County, California

  • Scanning laser ophthalmoscopy, a method of examination of the eye
  • Service level objective, which is similar to a service level agreement
  • Slovenia (IOC country code)
  • Streptolysin O, an exotoxin produced by streptococcal bacteria
  • Sword-like object, a sword meant only for display
  • SLO, the alias of singer-songwriter Jess Mills

Usage examples of "slo".

Jamilla told me that you could always tell the time of day in San Luis Obispo by the scents and aromas: like barbecue smoke in the afternoon on Marsh Street, or the aroma of wheat and barley at night outside the SLO Brewing Co.

For top-water action he had stocked up on Bang-O-Lures, Shad Raps, Slo Dancers, Hula Poppers, and Zara Spooks.