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SLM may refer to:

  • SLM Corporation, or Sallie Mae, an American student loan company
  • Swiss Locomotive and Machine Works, a railway equipment manufacturer
  • Surinaamse Luchtvaart Maatschappij, or Surinam Airways
  • SLM International, former name of The Hockey Company
  • Stan Lee Media, a production and marketing company
  • StarLightMedia, the largest media holding in Ukraine
  • Selective laser melting, a rapid prototyping process producing metal parts
  • Spatial light modulator, used in optical projection
  • Standard litre per minute, a flow measurement
  • Software Lifecycle Management, is defined as a holistic approach which helps service organizations better understand the revenue potential by looking at service opportunities proactively as a lifecycle rather than a single event or series of discrete events, combining all service-based operations into a single, albeit complex, set of workflows and connected business processes.
  • Š-L-M (Shin-Lamedh-Mem), the tri-consonantal root of Semitic words such as shalom and salam
  • Salamanca Airport, Spain, IATA Airport Code SLM
  • Sudan Liberation Movement, an association of Sudanese rebel groups
  • Service Level Management, a concept in ITIL, related with Service-level agreement

Strict low middling, refers to a specific quality of cotton.