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n. (plural of slime English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: slime)

Usage examples of "slimes".

A case containing glazed ceramic representations of slimes next claimed his attention, then a perfume counter offering attars from the northern deserts.

Mobile slimes inhabit the surface sands—in fact, roads and walkways of Eiselbar are elevated above the soil to avoid the slimes, many of which are both poisonous and feral.

The slimes use an unorthodox metabolism and synthesize compounds considered impossible by orthodox chemists.

On the dry sand below, four of the famous Eisel slimes rippled and scuttled: gaudy creatures of mottled black and yellow.

Earnest students of the subject are well aware that these slimes exhibit notable differences.

In the shadow of rock, molds and slimes stretched as spores multiplied and grew in the mounting heat.

Certain of the molds and slimes preferred a smooth surface on which to spread.

She still remembered the thrill of wriggling naked between ochre rocks, plugging one’s body into the streaming earth, toes among hot slimes, flesh tickled by bursting bubbles.