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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Slighty \Slight"y\, a. Slight. [Obs.]


a. (context obsolete English) slight

Usage examples of "slighty".

Jon-Tom observed that he was floating in slighty murky blue-green water, staring at something that looked like a small barracuda.

She did, a full round blob of spittle that landed plop on the highly polished floor, then felt slighty ashamed of herself as she stared at it.

Then, suddenly, as he turned his head slighty, he saw again in the near distance the damnation of that colour flaring again at him.

Presently, the butler arrived puffing slighty, and he, too, stood without speaking for a moment.

Harry raised himself slighty in his seat and saw what looked like plain water boiling away inside it.

The sky was a dark red, murky and opaque, only slighty lighter in the west over the sun.