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n. (plural of slight English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: slight)

Slights (novel)

Slights is a 2009 horror novel by Australian writer Kaaron Warren. It is her debut novel and is about a woman who withdraws from society and has near-death experiences in which she enters a dark room where she is tormented by people she had previously slighted. It was first published as a paperback original and e-book in the United Kingdom and Australia in July 2009 by Angry Robot, an offshoot of HarperCollins, and in the United States by Angry Robot in September 2010.

In general Slights was well received by critics, and went on to win the 2009 Australian Shadows Award for Best Long Fiction, and the 2010 Australian Ditmar Award for Best Novel.

Usage examples of "slights".

Remarkable, isn't it, how the slightest breath of scandal on any public figure brings forth previously forgotten slights and errors.

Over the years, Todd had been careful to be most punctilious about courtesies and laws, schooling himself to ignore slights and insults that often roused his hot temper and begged for retaliation.

Chuck said, set-ting his jaw as he remembered all the slights and delays they had suf-fered at the hands of the merchants.

Maybe one day he could forgive the slights and the terrible hurt Petiron had inflicted on him - but not yet.

She was as quick to find exception and slights as T'ron, though once she hadn't been so touchy.

Being what he was, Rhett would naturally want to torment and insult her as much as possible to pay her back for past slights and for her recent attempted trickery.

Instead of the honor he deserved, he was made to suffer slights beyond count, yet he gave the Seven Kingdoms peace, plenty, and justice.

Soon they would know the payment to be exacted for their slights and neglect.