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a. (alternative form of sly English)

Usage examples of "sligh".

Leia, Han, and Sligh took their place at the back of the line and had to wait nearly an hour before their turn came to go through the mirrfield.

Grees, Sligh, and Emala pushing through the eked performance hall, approaching likely-looking Twilight bidders on the pretext of offering them inside information on the auction merchandise.

The bidding was already at 230, and now Sligh was trying to slow it down, taking it up in 2- and 3-credit intervals.

Mawbo tried to coax a higher offer by sweet-talking the Kurtzen and taunting the woman, then finally gave up and pointed into the crowd where Sligh was presumably standing.

Grees and Sligh off Quenton, shaking them violently, trying to snap their necks.

Chewbacca added a roar of his own, and Sligh finally came scampering back, bouncing from wall to wall, his ears flattened and his fur caked with wet sand.

Leia snatched Sligh off the crevice wall and, paying no attention to the sharp fangs concealed in his cute little snout, lifted the Squib to her face.

Han tossed the water jug under the repulsor couch, then followed Leia and Sligh into the first suite.

Han looked down to find Sligh lying between his feet, no longer firing.

I could get out of Emala was that Sligh made an excellent deal, and not to worry.

She was in back, holding on to the butt of the herding spear with one hand and Sligh with the other and bouncing higher than both of her companions.

Ten meters behind her, Grees and Sligh were pulling Han to a seated position.

Once she had recovered from the pain, they carried him, Grees and Sligh taking the front, Leia and Emala the rear.

Squibs into the blaster turret and found them both climbing onto the firing seat, Grees slipping behind the triggers and Sligh arranging grenades and thermal detonators in the stormtrooper utility belts slung across his chest.

Grees and Sligh, staffing the cannon turrets, took out three fighters before the first damage alarms began to ring in the cockpit.