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Usage examples of "sli".

She kept expecting it to stop, for the transition to become complete and the Sli to be a dazzling, brilliant yellow.

She noticed Tarses trying not to stare at the Sli, but a couple of times he had to shake his head to tear himself away from the sight of the swirling hues.

Life signs of the Sli were discovered in the hydrogen/nitrogen atmosphere of the gas giant, but the crew was unable to make contact before their ship was destroyed.

The Sli resisted efforts at formal relations with the Federation and are now officially allied with the Ferengi Consortia.

They started toward the cargo bay as Data continued, “The Sli are currently engaged on a tour that includes twelve star systems.

Data, are you telling me these Sli might be responsible for the explosion?

It was worse in this case, because the Sli had died before she could reach it.

Luckily, the other Sli didn’t appear to be in any danger, but the medical data on Sli was extremely limited.

As far as she could tell from the readouts, the dead Sli was being drawn into the catchment.

It wasn’t the shape of the Sli as much as the amazing kaleidoscope of colors that continually bloomed and faded and shifted into a myriad of other tones deep within that Slick-looking flesh.

One Sli reached out with a dark orange tentacle, placing the tip with its row of tiny knobs against the containment barrier.

As the Sli absorb the different atoms, the chemical reaction could cause different visual wavelengths to be absorbed.

Tarses activated the stasis and transferred the deceased Sli onto the module.

Its body was Slightly more puffed up than the living Sli, and its tentacles were shriveled into tight curls.

Unlike the others, this Sli had no color and appeared to be made of thin layers of cloudy glass.