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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ Avoid mayonnaise-based selections, including cole slaw and potato and pasta salads.
▪ Avoid mayonnaise-based selections, including cole slaw and potato and pasta salads.
▪ Fries and slaw, plus decadent garlic butter sauce, also accompany the more than a dozen charbroiled items.
▪ I am having a blast, as I crunch on crab cakes with jicama slaw and lemon chive aioli.
The Collaborative International Dictionary

Slaw \Slaw\, n. [D. sla, contr. fr. salade, OD. salaet, salad. See Salad.] Sliced cabbage served as a salad, cooked or uncooked.


Slaw \Slaw\, Slawen \Slaw"en\, obs. p. p. of Slee, to slay.

With a sword drawn out he would have slaw himself.
--Wyclif (Acts xvi. 27.)

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"sliced cabbage," 1794, from Dutch sla, short for salade, from French salade (see salad).


n. (context US Canada English) coleslaw.


n. basically shredded cabbage [syn: coleslaw]


Usage examples of "slaw".

I stopped at the Dally-Deli and picked up two humongous corned beef sandwiches on rye, side orders of cole slaw, and an extra order of kosher dills, which Chas dearly loves.

Friday evening I went down to the Slaw pub and exchanged bug-eyed looks with Soupy across the room.

I went alone to Slaw on Tuesday evening, when Soupy handed over another seventy-five pounds.

When the ASPCA representative paid a surprise visit and interrupted Hisser at dinner a live-cat sandwich and a side of carrot slaw the jig was up.

The lightheartedness with which I had gone in my new clothes to Slaw seemed a long, long time ago.

The platters were nearly empty, and the tablecloth was stained and littered with potato salad, cole slaw, miniature meatballs, tomato sauce, mustard, ham scraps, ring tabs, ashes, and things unrecognizable.

Ground beef heart and baby brine shrimp mixed up in here with the pickled ginger and sun dried tomatoes, he's got bloodworms and crabmeat and medicines for their parasite bacteria and fungus problems right in with the feta cheese and that Ponentine olive spread that cost God knows how much and what's that on the shelf over the sink, that plastic cup that says cole slaw there's something floating in it, will you throw it out?

And there was a table shoved up against the wall with a two-square-foot sheet cake and chips and dips and buffalo wings and cole slaw and cards and even some interesting-looking packages stacked around it, and people laughing and talking and dancing.

When the cheese was melted we brought the burgers inside and ate them with the potato salad and cole slaw and the rest of the /Sonoma-Cutre.

A boy named Coleshaw stood beside him, whose nickname was Cole Slaw.

He held the basket of rolls in one hand, the pot of coffee in his other hand, the dish of cole slaw in his other hand, and his other hand rested on the cart's handle.

She asked him if he wanted rolls and the cole slaw and he said no.

And these other people, scarfing down fries and cole slaw, ordering rice pudding for dessert.

He dished cole slaw and potato salad onto his plate and selected a pair of corned-beef-on-ryes.

His delivery took twenty minutes, during which he managed to consume the two sandwiches and a goodly portion of his cole slaw and spill coffee on his hand-written notes.