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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
▪ toast slathered with butter
▪ Dearest Ethel, I can imagine myself kissing your pretzel-like body and slathering you with various oils and oatmeal.
▪ He was already slathering Miracle Whip on that brand of soft white bread that can double as a foam sponge.
Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"spread liberally," 1847, of uncertain origin. Early 19c. local glossaries from western England have the word with a sense "to slip or slide."\n\nSlather on the manure on all the hoed crops, if you have it; if not buy of your improvident neighbor.

["Genesee Farmer," June 1847]

\nSometimes said to be from a dialectal noun meaning "large amount" (usually as plural, slathers), but this is first attested 1855. Related: Slathered; slathering.

n. 1 (context culinary English) A thick sauce or spread that is to be slathered (spread thickly) onto food. 2 drool (qualifier: especially if abundant). 3 (context usually in the plural English) A generous or abundant quantity. vb. 1 (context transitive English) To spread something thickly on something else; to coat well. 2 {{context|transitive|often followed by (term with English)|lang=en}} To apply generously upon.


v. spread thickly; "I can't eat bagles without slathering them with cream cheese"


Usage examples of "slather".

I was slathering Mercurochrome on the deep scratches that striped my arms and hands.

The medpac he produced contained only the mildest anesthetic, so Selby was just as glad to focus on describing the mission as Quarle gently cleaned the burn and slathered a viscous green gel over it.

When I got out of the Mustang, Red climbed out of the station wagon dressed in a rumpled camouflage suit covered with faded paint ball spots, a floppy bush hat covering his hair, large dark goggles protecting his eyes, and his facial skin slathered with sunblock.

Ton indicated the pail of dumplings, slathered in hot reeking akh that had been set out for Relkin.

Then, summoned by the cookshack bell, dragonboys returned with basins of noodles slathered in akh while a wagon brought beer for the dragons.

Relkin took the hint and brought Bazil an armful of army bread slathered in akh and then a pail of water to wash it down.

I used disinfectant soap with cold water to wash it out, then slathered it in an antibacterial gel before laying several plastic bandages over the injury, to hold it closed.

More shaken than he cared to admit, Arion strode to the oil and began slathering it on his chest and arms.

He dipped his ringers into a wooden tub and began slathering his face with butterfat, which was what we used for makeup remover in those days.

The rotted corpse was buried under the scaffold while the skull was slathered with pitch and stuck on a pike on Westminster Hall, from where it glowered at the crowds hurrying past the bookstalls and printsellers below.

Sam was at the picnic tables in time for a breakfast that was the veritable definition of Cholesterol Heaven: scrambled eggs with Tillamook cheese, crisp fried bacon, fresh-baked biscuits slathered in butter, and home fried potatoes.

Vinnie slathered jam on the toast and took a bite, licking the corners of his mouth to get the last of the jam.

All wet and slathered in mud, I rolled into his old bed-place and went to sleep.

It had been a long time, a dozen pounds, and a slathering of cellulite since she had thought of herself in sexual terms.

Juana was behind her, brushing her hair and slathering the oily pomade over the short locks.