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n. (plural of slag English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: slag)

Usage examples of "slags".

All the boys were pissed up, trying to chat up fat slags who smelled of outrageous cheap perfume and were more interested in shoveling large pizzas into their faces than in getting laid.

She had bleached blonde hair, but she was too well dressed and neatly polished to be placed in the same category as the slags at work.

He was already sick of the Slags, of the smell and taste of the air, of the grayness of the light, unfriendly and wearing, of the sickness he felt lurking in the fetid waters, waiting to infect whoever was unfortunate enough to breathe it in.

The materials were easy enough to find, even in the Slags, though not so easy to shape, mostly because they lacked the requisite tools and had to make do with long knives.

The silence of the Slags closed about them, deep and pervasive, an intrusive and brooding companion.

The day was typical of the Slags, all grayness and mist and sunless, fetid air.

If they were too deep in the Slags to avoid its snares and predators, then they might have to use the magic again, even if it gave them away.

Slicing through trees and brush and grass, through the whole of the Slags, it flared in sharp relief against a backdrop of hills leading into mountains, of green fields brightened by wildflowers, of streams and waterfalls, and of dazzling sunshine.

Khyber was so grateful to be clear of the Slags that she was willing to risk almost anything.