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SLA may refer to:

in geography,

  • Martín Miguel de Güemes International Airport, Salta Province, Argentina (by IATA code)
  • South Los Angeles
  • State Line Avenue, in Texarkana, United States

in science and engineering,

  • Sealed lead-acid, a type of lead-acid battery
  • Second-language acquisition, the process by which people learn additional languages
  • Short long arms suspension, a wheel suspension type for vehicles with wishbones of unequal length
  • Specific leaf area, a botanical term describing a property of a leaf on a plant, often used as a measure of leaf "thickness"
  • Stanford Linear Accelerator, a United States Department of Energy National Laboratory operated by Stanford University
  • Stereolithography apparatus, a type of rapid prototyping machine

in organizations,

  • Saint Lawrence Academy (Santa Clara), a college preparatory school located in California, United States
  • St Lawrence Academy, Scunthorpe, a Church of England secondary school in Lincolnshire, England
  • Science Leadership Academy, a public high school in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • School Library Association, an association for school librarians
  • Sindhi Language Authority, A governmental institute for the Sindhi language development.
  • Sindhudesh Liberation Army, a separatist militant organisation in Sindh, Pakistan
  • South Lebanon Army, an Israeli-backed militia during the Lebanese Civil War
  • Special Libraries Association, an association for professional librarians working in specialized libraries
  • Sri Lanka Army, the oldest and largest of Sri Lanka's armed services
  • State Liquor Authority, New York State organization that enforces liquor laws
  • Sudan Liberation Movement/Army, a rebel group in the Sudanese region Darfur
  • Symbionese Liberation Army,1970's Radical group and kidnappers of Patricia Campbell Hearst
  • Sociedat de Lingüistica Aragonesa, Aragonese language society
  • Singapore Land Authority, a statutory board under the Ministry of Law of Singapore

in other uses,

  • Service-level agreement, a contractual agreement on the level of service to be provided by a service provider to a customer, commonly used in computer-related services
  • Single life annuity, a form of recurring payment
  • SLA Industries, a role-playing game written by Nightfall Games
  • Savings and loan association, savings banks in the United States of America
  • Slow left arm, a bowling style in cricket
  • Software license agreement, a contract placing restrictions on the use of software
  • .sla, a file extension used in the open-source software Scribus
  • The Softwood Lumber Agreement, part of the United States–Canada trade dispute
  • Salicylate-like aromatics, including natural benzoates, gallates, polyphenols and flavinoids, that may cause cross-reactivity symptoms in salicylate-sensitive individuals

Usage examples of "sla".

And I saw him and the Cadman woman outside the globulin farm the morning after this SLA demolished it.

The term Sloe, or Sla, means not the fruit but the hard trunk, being connected with a verb signifying to Slay, or strike, probably because the wood of this tree was used as a flail, and nowadays makes a bludgeon.