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n. a yogurt-like product made of curdled milk, curds stored up for food; a thick dairy product unique to Icelandic cuisine that can be traced back to the Vikings


Skyr (, (pronounced "skeer") is an Icelandic cultured dairy product. It has the consistency of strained yogurt/ greek yogurt but a much milder flavor. It has been a part of Icelandic cuisine for over a thousand years. It is traditionally served cold with milk and a topping of sugar.

Usage examples of "skyr".

An array of hard and soft cheeses included the Norse favorite skyr, a creamy curd cheese often flavored with fruit.

She tasted the skyr, a form of Norse cheese curd being made on the spot by Frank and Henrietta Burgess.

After that there came some skyr, a kind of curds and whey, served with biscuits and juniper-berry juice.