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alt. The practice of performing acrobatic movements during the freefall phase of a parachute jump. n. The practice of performing acrobatic movements during the freefall phase of a parachute jump. vb. (present participle of skydive English)


n. performing acrobatics in free fall before pulling the ripcord of a parachute

Skydiving (magazine)

Skydiving is an independent, monthly news magazine covering the events, equipment, techniques, people and places of sport parachuting. It is based in DeLand, Florida, and has been published continuously since 1979.

Usage examples of "skydiving".

They packed her clothes, all except for the tracksuit Barbs wore for skydiving, and the dress she had worn to Blackpool when Penny and Kate had to be her proxies on the Big Max.

They had sat like that for as long as it took, and it was of Blackpool, and Paris, and windsurfing, and the feel of the wind as Barbs had floated above the earth in tandem with her skydiving instructor that Kate talked.

Joel shared his hopes of taking up skydiving so he could make a living chronicling parachutists as they made their thrilling descents.

The tandem skydiving firm doubled as a flying school, and over to the left, in front of the ancient oaks just beyond the boundary, was a runway with a fluttering windsock and some decrepit Nissen huts.

Each photo, however, is pre-selected to convey a different aspect of the PUA's personality, such as images of the PUA with beautiful women, with children, with pets, with celebrities, goofing off with friends, and doing something active like roller-blading or skydiving.

Panesa had interviewed women who lovingly seasoned home cooking with arsenic, and he had covered car wrecks, plane crashes, train derailments, skydiving gone bad, scuba diving gone worse, bungee jumping by drunks who forgot the cord, and fires, and drownings.

All the bright young men of Madison Avenue searched for some facsimile of danger, some black root which might crack the foundation of their basic Episcopalianism, and we looked to the milder psychedelics, the study of karate, the weekend skydiving club, the sports-car rally.

Because of mutual interests in extreme skiing, skydiving, hard-boiled detective fiction, competitive rodeo bronc-busting, ghosts and poltergeists, big-band music, wilderness-survival techniques, and the art of scrimshaw among many other things, the twins are fascinating conversationalists, as much fun to listen to as they are to look at.

A young man identified as Eduardo Santiago was holding a huge gold nugget that he claimed his brother had found in a redwood tree the day he'd been involved in a skydiving accident in the California mountains.

Mike is an active outdoorsman who likes to swim, bike, hike, rock climb, fish, hunt, paint, build boats and gliders, go whitewater rafting, bungee jumping, mountain cycling, scuba diving, and skydiving, and he’s a three-time champion of the Mesick Triathlon and the Burton Toughman Contest.

We prove ourselves, our manhood, in other ways, in making money, in skydiving, in hunting mountain lions with bow and arrow, in acquiring power of one kind or another.

Nearly everything that was fun, of course, was also a little dangerous: riding roller coasters, skydiving, gambling, sex.

Their gazes locked, and Blue felt himself drop into a wild free-fall of sexual energy that rivaled his most intense skydiving jumps.

Strange new subcultures and life styles are investigated, along with an array of other subjects from politics and playgrounds to skydiving and sex.

In the summer of 1997, Jack went up way north to Vacaville with an LAPD skydiving club called the P.