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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Skullcap \Skull"cap`\, n.

  1. A cap which fits the head closely; also, formerly, a headpiece of iron sewed inside of a cap for protection.

  2. (Bot.) Any plant of the labiate genus Scutellaria, the calyx of whose flower appears, when inverted, like a helmet with the visor raised.

  3. (Zo["o]l.) The Lophiomys.

    Mad-dog skullcap (Bot.), an American herb ( Scetellaria lateriflora) formerly prescribed as a cure for hydrophobia.


n. 1 A small domed cap that covers from the forehead to just above the back of the neck. 2 A yarmulke-like hat worn as an element of ghetto fashion. 3 Any of several species of flowering plants, of the genus (taxlink Scutellaria genus noshow=1), in the Lamiaceae family.

  1. n. rounded brimless cap fitting the crown of the head

  2. the dome of the skull [syn: calvaria]


Skullcap or skull cap may refer to:

  • Calvaria (skull), the top part of the skull, in human (or other vertebrate animal) anatomy.
  • Certain types of headgear:
    (head garments in costumery)
    • Beanie (seamed cap), a brimless cap popular among school age boys from the 1920s to the early 1940s
    • Gua pi mao ( 瓜皮帽), a hat commonly worn in the Qing dynasty
    • A Kippah or yarmulke, is a small cloth skullcap usually worn by Jewish men of most denominations while at prayer, some Jewish women at prayer, and Orthodox men at all times.
    • Kufi, or kofia, a skullcap worn primarily by men of West African heritage
    • Taqiyah (cap), a skullcap worn by some Muslim men
    • Tubeteika, a Central Asian cap
    • Tuque, a knit hat
    • Zucchetto, worn by Catholic clergy (including the Pope)
    • Biretta, a square or triangular black cap, forming part of some clerical, academic or legal dress
    • Jeep cap, originating with the US Army, and popular among some skateboarders
    • Calotte (Belgium)
  • ( helmet in warfare)
    • Cervelliere, a term for a round-bowl type iron helmet of the medieval period
    • Capeline, worn under civilian hats during early modern periods
  • (sports equipment)
    • A Ski mask
  • Plants of the genus Scutellaria, such as S. lateriflora, used in herbal medicine
  • Galerina autumnalis, or autumn skullcap, a poisonous mushroom
  • Skullcap, ruins in the fictional Dragonlance universe

Usage examples of "skullcap".

To cover this disfigurement, he wore a padded dobra embroidered with much gold thread and much larger than the skullcaps of the other Architects.

This day, as was his custom, the Mahdi emerged punctually for the first prayers of the day, but so great was the press of humanity around him that Yakub caught only a glimpse of his embroidered kufi skullcap as he passed.

He walked up to the Nation of Islam street vendor and bought a kufi, an Islamic skullcap, drawing not the least blink of surprise from the man.

The Lagoa Santa skullcap mysteriously disappeared from the Brazilian museum after it was examined by Bryan.

The young woman had it drawn like a tight steel skullcap, with steellike knobs over her ears.

I thought I had to become Anatole Bloomberg, an importerexporter from Rotterdam with a hook nose and flat feet, or an Antwerp diamond merchant wearing a skullcap, or a hunchbacked Talmudic scholar in a woolly black coat and shoes without shoelaces.

They were stopped three times by policemen, once for driving only twenty miles an hour on the thruway, a second time for driving over eighty miles an hour, while a third police car overtook them with sirens shrieking because Sister Hyacinthe had seen skullcap and puffballs growing beside the thruway and parked to gather a few plants.

They were pointedly nondescript, dressed in the drab denim worksuits and blue skullcaps of achievement coordinators from Egalitaria.

In their skullcaps and French clothing, they looked like typical Parisian Jews embarking on their first kibbutz experience, and so it would have seemed when they boarded a bus designated for travel outside the city.

He wore a magenta skullcap and magenta robes, and around his taut neck hung a bejeweled crucifix.

Valendrea himself had supervised one of the last chores an hour earlier when the House of Gammarelli arrived with five boxes containing white linen cassocks, red silk slippers, rochets, mozzettas, cotton stockings, and skullcaps in varying sizes, all with the backs and hems unsewn, the sleeves unfinished.

A Turkoman ancient with a skullcap, two boys beside him (his grandsons, perhaps), circumambulated the tower, glancing up at it now and then.

But it stopped, backed up, and a young African man who looked to be in his early twenties, wearing a red, black, and green crocheted skullcap, dressed in a beat-up Army jacket, ragged yellow T-shirt, and dingy brown corduroy pants with black flip-flops on smiled and rolled down his window, hailing her.

He snatched off his crocheted skullcap and threw in to the sand and then clutched his hair.

Damali turned and looked at him and then brushed down the raised edges of his hair that crackled around his crocheted skullcap.