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n. A pair of shorts designed to look like a skirt via the addition of a panel of fabric.


A skort is generally a pair of shorts with a fabric panel resembling a skirt covering the front, although some may be skirts with a pair of integral shorts hidden underneath.

Usage examples of "skort".

Lui Skort had been a strong young man but he had not survived the passage.

At a good vantage point up on the ramp Carlee Skort and Trude Harmon sat together while the men below tried to hand Cully tools he didn't need and generally got in each other's way.

Three more bodies were carried from the star ship to be interred beside Lui Skort, still encased in the boxes which had held them during the voyage.

Dard traced Carlee Skort to where she was busy fitting up the small dispensary, a niche in the wall of the second cave, and had his bite sterilized and bandaged with plasta-skin.

He must enter the confines of Grantville proper to discover the exact cultural status of skorts and such related items as divided skirts.

Something involving heresy and the whore of Babylon as well as skorts and culottes.

Under it was a one-piece skorts outfit, thermally dilated to adjust to room temperatures.