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SKL can stand for:

  • Finnish Christian League (Suomen Kristillinen Liitto)
  • Süddeutsche Klassenlotterie (a German lottery)
  • Seekriegsleitung or "Naval Warfare Command", which led the German Navy during the First World War.
  • Simple Key Loader, officially designated the AN/PYQ-10 fill device.
  • Statens kriminaltekniska laboratorium, a Swedish agency replaced by Swedish National Forensics Centre
  • Sveriges kommuner och landsting, a Swedish federation of municipalities and county councils
  • Slovenska košarkarska liga, Slovene for Slovenian Basketball League
  • School for Kids In Laos, a Canadian non for profit organisation which raises money to build schools in impoverished Laos
  • SKL (biochemistry), a peroxisome targeting signal involved in Protein targeting
  • Strawberry kiwi lemonade, a Turkey Hill brand drink
  • Sumerian King List