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n. (plural of skill English)

Usage examples of "skills".

Kai had more color in his face when he and Portegin joined her for breakfast, discussing priorities for Portegin's skills: the new core screen or completing repairs to the shuttle's damaged console.

Or apply your prodigious and discerning skills to prepare some of the delightful-sounding recipes you have hoarded in your family memory banks.

But such minor things as learning to shout to bridge distance, to run, even to be able to hike for miles at a time -- all these new skills had had to be learned in painful adjustments.

That much-sought-after designation meant that a colonist had enough flexibility and training in such a variety of skills that he could turn a hand to any task that needed doing or problem that had to be solved.

She knew several people who had the necessary skills, and clearance, to find that file in the central computer complex.

If these gigantic aliens got out of control, he had nothing but his skills at unarmed combat with which to protect the Hayumans of the party.

By dinnertime, Todd had a deep respect for Honey's skills as a negotiator.

Not only were they food-catchers, grass-weavers and protectors of their young, they could extend those skills to include another species.

Each mission requires such different skills that the first person off the queue might not be qualified.

Human female, Gilson stage II physical development, intellectual equivalent grade eight general, grade nine mathematics, height so much, massing so much, planet of origin, genetic stock of origin, native and acquired languages, specific skills ratings, all the rest.

But talents and skills were chancy, and combined with physical vigor, chancier yet.

There are certain special skills which can make it easier on a lightweight.

It's amazing you've caught up so fast, and your skills are well suited to this mission.

Would I know how to act at Camelot amidst warriors chosen for their skills, when I had only a small boy's knowledge of arms, and little training as a swordsman?

When I asked Teldys if there was anyone on the farm with sword skills, he shook his head.