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Skillebekk (station)

Skillebekk is a light rail station on the Oslo Tramway.

Located at Skillebekk, it was opened by Kristiania Elektriske Sporvei on 2 March 1894 as a part of the first stretch of what would become the Skøyen Line. It is served by line 13.

The station is named after the brook Skillebekken. The first element is skille n 'division, border', the last element is the finite form of bekk m 'beck, brook'. The brook marked the western limit of Oslo city until 1879.


Skillebekk is a neighbourhood of Oslo, Norway. It is located near Solli plass in the West End of Oslo, and is served by the station Skillebekk on the Skøyen Line. The name origins from Skillebekken, a brook between Bymarken and Frogner Hovedgård.