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n. (plural of skiff English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: skiff)

Usage examples of "skiffs".

At the same time, these powers gave the instructions for building the engines of the lightspeed ships and the gravity skiffs to the human beings who then lived on Earth.

If these were picked up without comment, you might notice that now a dozen other skiffs had been drifting down upon us without saying anything.

The snake people came in their gravity skiffs and said they could take us to warm lands where the hunting was good.

The elders and shamans went first in the skiffs and came back to say that the skiffs took them to a big boat in the sky and that there was room in it for all of us.

No high-energy weapons, unfortunately -- these are jealously monopolized by the saurs and stashed in the skiffs or on ships.

No skiffs are airborne that she can see -- the two starships in harbor, barely visible at this distance, are after all owned by families who are likely to be on the side of whatever the recalcitrant elements behind this coup may be and are, probably, wisely keeping well out of it.

This section of the pier ran out into it about thirty feet, with two skiffs tied up at the end.

Hauling one of the skiffs up alongside, I began bailing with an old can.

The ship was thousands of kilometers away, over the ocean where the kraken refreshed themselves and did their own deals, but the skiffs were parked along the lakeside quays and warehouses with the cargo for hominid and saur customers.

The skiff was rising fast, Novakkad tilted and dwindling below, an echelon of skiffs behind them.

They will be brought to us in skiffs by the captains of these vessels, and are to be laid naked in four rows upon the deck of this command ship.

The captains had sailed their individual skiffs back to their ships, and the entire armada had now taken the shape of a V, like a flock of geese, with the command warship in the lead.

The parked skiffs glowed orange in the early light, their spindly legs and lenticular bodies casting long shadows out over the water like tall, striding tripedal machines.

These phenomena included, I may add, our friends the saurs, and their gravity skiffs, and for all I know to the contrary, the flaming starships.

Other skiffs attended these, chivying them on, blocking any breaks toward the north.