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If a word from the Cecils--a word delivered through Nick Skeres, and perhaps through Ingram Frizer as well--could ward him against cheats and thieves and pickpockets and highwaymen, what could a different word do?

Theatre, I feel it recumbent upon me to give you fair warning: this Ingram Frizer hath acquaintance with Nick Skeres.

Marlowe, about Nick Skeres, about Ingram Frizer, and about the late Sir William Cecil.

Skeres and Frizer and Marlowe himself, belonged on the fringes of the murky world of Elizabethan espionage.

The point is, most people seem to think this Skeres and Frizer were like hit men for Walsingham and it was, like I said, political.

And another thing: if all this was going on, why the hell didn't Bob Foley and Nick Skeres help old Kit out?

Assume you — Frizer — are sitting wedged between Poley and Skeres and Marlowe is pommeling you about the head with the dagger's hilt.