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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sken \Sken\, v. i. To squint. [Prov. Eng.]


vb. 1 (context Northern English English) to squint 2 to glance

Usage examples of "sken".

Patience began to suspect, as Sken pulled them away from the island, that there was less fat on her than she had supposed at first.

Angel's disguise was good enough that Sken recognized him before Patience did.

They sang ribald songs together as they passed among the guardboats, and Sken roundly cursed the guards by name.

Patience, still disguised as a boy, publicly referred to Angel and Sken as uncle and aunt, which annoyed them both.

Patience knew perfectly well that Angel had expected Sken to react that way.

Immediately Angel urged the horses forward, Sken swung up onto the carriage, and Patience jogged alongside, then caught hold.

This wasn't the first time Sken had had to revise her understanding of the way the world worked.

But to see a child so young already ripe in violence and murder-I am a monstrous thing to Sken, like the deformed babies who are strangled and burned by the midwives.

Because Patience had never had such a girlish feeling, she wondered for a moment if Sken might not be right.

They bickered as always, because Sken hardly knew another way to deal with people, but things were changed.

Patience-still looking for all the world like a cocky young man-took Sken with her to buy a boat.

All the others, Sken kept them hopping with the business of a boat making the tricky upriver passage under sail and oar.

At first Sken was uneasy ordering her about, but if she left Patience without labor.

Patience would come and ask, until Sken barked out commands to her as easily as to anyone.

Patience noticed within a few days that Sken tyrannized Will without mercy, perhaps merely because he let her do it.