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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

short for schedule, student slang from 1929.


n. (context informal English) schedule, often used by amateur radio operators for a prearrange contact


Sked is shortened version of the word schedule. It can refer to a flight schedule, a baseball schedule, or any other type of schedule. In the context of amateur radio a sked is a pre-arranged or scheduled contact between ham radio operators.

A sked is a pocket-sized bifold or trifold schedule about the size of a baseball card printed for a sports team. Typically, a team logo or an image associated with the team (a player or the stadium or arena, for example) appears on the front, one or more sponsors are listed on the back. Inside is a listing of the season's home and away games.

Skeds are collected as sports memorabilia, trading heavily enough on Ebay to merit a [// category]. Older schedules are like individual works of art, many featuring beautiful artwork, logos and pictures of many stars and hall of fame players. Often variations are available with different sponsors. Schedules can also be quite scarce. Most were put in a wallet and seldom survived past that season, and quantities produced are a lot lower than Topps or Upper Deck baseball cards. This makes them desirable as a collectible since many baseball card collectors feel that current baseball card production rates are too high.

Usage examples of "sked".

Smith, lay up to the radio shack and bring Lieutenant Keefer the Fox sked on the double.

I saw the BuPers despatch to you on the Fox sked and had my boys break it- Well.

Queeg, shadowy against the dim red light of the passageway, held a Fox sked in his hand.

My only real duty was to be sure that the Sked Chart was met and copied in all the bullshit sessions, the word games and general gold-bricking which made up the bulk of the hours.

He was a little ahead of the Chief Engineers sked, just long enough to take one more good look at the rather discouraging Drive data.

When I was offered his place at Centurion, my first emotion was awe, followed closely by humility, when I realized what I was being sked to do.

He looked around at the shelves of books in alphabetical order, at the wire baskets almost clear of correspondence, at the handsome plexiglass file boards of Fox skeds and decodes, and wondered at this weird antiseptic efficiency.

Willie took to going to the radio shack and scanning the Fox skeds as they came out of the radiomen's typewriters, seeking the prayed-for BuPers despatch.

I want you to double-check the skeds for the last forty-eight hours, and I want all storm warnings broken instantly and brought to me, and hereafter Mr.