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Skarszewy (, ) is a small town south of Gdańsk in Starogard Gdański County, Pomeranian Voivodeship, northern Poland. Located between Kościerzyna and Tczew. Population: 6 809 (30 June 2005). In 2005 the town was given the title the Pearl of Pomerania.

19 villages belong to the rural-municipal commune of Skarszewy (together: 13,934 inhabitants, 30 June 2005):

Bączek, Bolesławowo, Bożpole Królewskie, Czarnocin, Demlin, Godziszewo, Jaroszewy, Junkrowy, Kamierowo, Kamierowskie Piece, Koźmin, Malary, Mirowo Duże, Nowy Wiec, Obozin, Pogódki.

The old town is enclosed by fragments of the 14th century stone walls and a Gothic parish Church of St Michael the Archangel which dates from the l4th century with well-preserved furnishings from the baroque era.

In the town square is the fountain Griffin Pomorski with three griffins holding the emblem of St. John Skarszew on a platter. At the top were placed reproductions of three coats Skarszew: from 1198 when the town belonged to the Knights Hospitaller; from 1320 when Skarszewy acquired civic rights and the current coat of arms.