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n. (context rare or archaic English) fizz vb. (context rare or archaic English) To fizz

  1. v. express or utter with a hiss [syn: hiss, siss, sibilate]

  2. make a sharp hissing sound, as if to show disapproval [syn: hiss, siss, sibilate]

Usage examples of "sizz".

For some time, he had speculated that putting the tailpiece to a rattlesnake inside the instrument would work a vast improvement on the sound, would give it a sizz and knell like no other.

He told me the longer riffs derived from classic sizz, while the backbeat was pure Transkei rip-rap.

He likes orange juice and sizz music and soft wooly scarves draped over his head.

The steel cable came hissing and sizzing up through the air, snaking and wriggling as it ripped up the slope towards the lip, loosing most of its grisly cargo from its hooks as it came, like drops of ice off a whip.

Finishing his whirl with a dive, The Shadow cleared the basket and shot headlong between the uprights of the guillotine while the mighty ax was sizzing down those very rods!