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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Size \Size\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sized; p. pr. & vb. n. Sizing.] To cover with size; to prepare with size.


Sized \Sized\, a.

  1. Adjusted according to size.

  2. Having a particular size or magnitude; -- chiefly used in compounds; as, large-sized; common-sized.

  1. Having a certain size#Noun. Usually used in combination with an adver

  2. vb. (en-past of: size)

  1. adj. having a specified size [ant: unsized]

  2. having the surface treated or coated with sizing [ant: unsized]

Usage examples of "sized".

There were eight runners that day, a pleasant sized field, and Abseil was second favourite.

Some areolar tissue free from elastic tissue was next procured from the visceral cavity of a toad, and moderately sized, as well as very small, bits were placed on five leaves.

During a more favourable season, moderately sized bits of the skinned ear of a cat, which includes cartilage, areolar and elastic tissue, were placed on three leaves.

As she sized me up, her eyes narrowing, the cigarette hung aslant from her mouth.

Canvases have to be sized with this and then primed with gesso before one can paint on them.

People stopped to nod at them and acknowledge the lawgiver in a mix of politeness and curiosity as they sized up the newcomers.

In a two-car family, one typically was in the generous sized lock-up, the second lengthways outside.

He had seen also a fear striker, many times as long as Lok was tall, coiled in hunger beside a trail for a whole day or night until the proper sized victim passed.

The surface of paper sized in the ordinary way, or letter paper, no longer presents with certain reactions, the same uniformity where it has been either accidently moistened in several places by various liquids, or left in contact for a certain time with agents capable of removing or destroying the characters which have been traced on it with ink.

Watch the spot moistened, and the longer it remains wet the better the paper is sized.

The camera tracked beautifully over any sized square of sky that Ries chose to set into its control.

The dilatation is commonly cylindrical, more rarely saccular, and it is the medium and smaller sized tubes that are generally affected, except where the cause is mechanical.

The same sized house, with the same accommodation, may be made to cost fifty to one hundred per cent.

Doping them with compounds like tantalum carbide makes them into submicron-sized superconducting wires, and packing them with potassium-doped buckyballs achieves the same effect, and if the buckytube is sized properly to fit the buckyball such packing would probably also serve to increase their already phenomenal stiffness and boost their compressive strength as well.

Fortune favored us and between the joint efforts of these musical people we obtained a good sized Mason and Hamlin melodeon, which was duly installed into the choir of the church.