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card. The cardinal number immediately following sixty and preceding sixty-two.


adj. being one more than sixty [syn: 61, lxi]

Usage examples of "sixty-one".

He had noticed one of the games pumping up the numbers: the sale of seven percent of retail had created sixty-one million dollars in profits over three years.

An eleven-year-old Times piece described a Vance Coury, sixty-one, of Westwood, as having been brought up by the city attorney on slumlord charges.

At sixty-one hours after splashdown, there was only one chariot visible to radar, but it was circling just eight klicks above them and ten to the north.

Geordie told me that after one retailer talked to him and redesigned their stores, gross sales climbed sixty-one percent.

Out of the seventy-six presidents of the convention eighteen were guillotined, eight deported, twenty-two declared outlaws, six incarcerated, three who committed suicide, and four who became insane, in all sixty-one.

In 1908 she was sixty-one years old, and although she no longer lugged pineapples through the streets in her famous twin baskets, she still grew them and supervised others in the peddling.

Those sixty-one seconds represent a necessary margin of safety for the passenger.

The cruising speed of the Cessna 401 is up to two hundred and sixty-one miles per hour which meant that we could expect to be over the target in twenty minutes.

Well, that and calling the judge a tomfool in his own courtroom, after him accusing me o' being with the rebels and helping the French, when the last time I saw the inside of a blockhouse was nigh hand to Frontinac in 'fifty-eight, which as the French took me and sixty-one other fellers prisoner.

It is a clear and deep green well, half a mile long and a mile and three quarters in circumference, and contains about sixty-one and a half acres.

Also I can tackle a delegate committee with up to twenty personalised approaches, and I can tackle a meeting of the Beninian parliament with the full complement of sixty-one members present, on a screen-and-speaker basis.

We're not seeing so many people trying to get out into the sanctuaries, like we did in the years before sixty-one.

The surgeon general was sixty-one years old, but she wore teenager’.