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In computing, SISD (single instruction stream, single data stream) is a type of computer architecture in which a single uni-core processor, executes a single instruction stream, to operate on data stored in a single memory. This corresponds to the von Neumann architecture.

SISD is one of the four main classifications as defined in Flynn's taxonomy. In this system, classifications are based upon the number of concurrent instructions and data streams present in the computer architecture. According to Michael J. Flynn, SISD can have concurrent processing characteristics. Pipelined processors and superscalar processors are common examples found in most modern SISD computers.

SISD (disambiguation)

SISD can refer to:

  • Single Instruction, Single Data, a computer processor architecture
  • CCL5, an 8kDa protein also using the symbol SISD
  • Sixteen-segment display
  • Several school districts in Texas. See List of school districts in Texas - S
  • Saginaw Intermediate School District