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Sisana, also known as 'Sisāis a village of Sonipat district, Haryana, India. The nearest villages are Bakheta, Gorad, Humayupur, Kharkhauda, Matindu, and Silana. It is mainly inhabited by Dahiya clan of Jats. Sisana is now divided into two parts(Panchayat) Sisana1 & Sisana2.

Situated on state highway, it is one of largest villages in Haryana. It is well known for drivers, wrestlers,Technology and spirituality. Baba Narmainath, Guru of Baba Mastnath's samadhi is situated in this village. It is said to be the biggest pilgrimage in India. Sisana is the largest village of Dahiya khap. It is about 7 km away from kharkhoda.