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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sis \Sis\, n. A colloquial abbreviation of Sister.


Sis \Sis\, n. Six. See Sise. [Obs.]

Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

1650s, abbreviated form of sister; in American English, applied generally to girls and young women (1859). It also was the familiar short form of Cecilie, Cicely, a common name for girls in the Middle English period.


n. (context informal English) Shortened form of sister.


n. a female person who has the same parents as another person; "my sister married a musician" [syn: sister] [ant: brother]


Sis or SIS may refer to:

SIS (file format)

SIS is an acronym that stands for Software Installation Script. It is an archive for Symbian OS, and not an application file, as sometimes believed; the real Symbian application is the .APP or . EXE file within it. By convention .sisx denotes a signed file.

There are different ways how a SIS file can be created. The basic approach is to create a package definition file (.pkg) that contains information about the package like the vendor, package name and what files to include in the package. Then use the makesis and signsis utilities that processes the .pkg file and creates the actual SIS file. Other alternatives are to use the Carbide.c++ IDE that automatically builds the SIS file as part of the build process or to graphically define and create the installation package using PackageForge. The Windows utility SISContents is able to convert various file formats.

SIS (motorbikes)

SIS was an important Portuguese motorbike and moped manufacturer, based in Anadia. In addition to motorbikes it produced light three-wheeler pickup trucks (a type of vehicle once very popular, especially in Southern European countries). Its products used Sachs engines and were quite successful in the local market, especially in the 1970s. SIS Sachs exported to USA, Germany, Austria, Greece, Morocco, Angola and Mozambique. The most iconic model was the SIS Sachs V5 produced from 1965 until the 1980s with several upgrades and different versions. SIS Sachs V5 Sport

SiS (TV series)

Sis (formerly SiS: Janice & Gelli) is the morning talk show of GMA Network debuted in August 27, 2001. It unofficially ended on January 1, 2010 because of poor ratings and was beaten by rival station, ABS-CBN's Showtime.

Sis (ancient city)

Sis was the capital of the Armenian Kingdom of Cilicia. The massive fortified complex is just to the southwest of the modern Turkish town of Kozan in Adana Province.

Usage examples of "sis".

Sis and old Si and Shep Hodgden and Gimmy Biddle and Charles Fifield was there and father said this will make jest the horse you want for your store and old Si said she aint biger than a rat and father said i gess she is big enuf to carry out all your lodes unless you put down your price, and then they all laffed at Si, and then Si said she was a puller and father said what do you want Josiar one that you have to push, and then they laffed agen and when father called him Josiar i know Si had better look out for when father calls me Henry i know i am in for a liking.

The Colonial had lent Pilasters a million pounds to tide them over the criA DANGEROUS FORTUNE 493 sis, but the money was repayable on demand.

He summoned surveillance reports by SIS on Koslov and the Rezident in Vienna - as recently as the previous year, a long weekend visit by Koslov.

He too was attired in jeans, trainers, and a polo shirt that hugged his muscular shoulders and empha sised powerful biceps.

Better than a family bible, it would have been opened when Quayle had been positively vetted before joining the SIS.

Then, care fully, she continued, because she knew that if Big Sis ters was still going to help Ann, the two of them had to talk.

By the time he had asked a few questions and pondered the symptoms it was time for Annis to gather up Baby Cook and bear him off to theatre for his pyloric steno sis to be corrected.

My mother beleives in being on time, and besides, she and Sis wanted the motor later.