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n. (plural of sir English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sir)

Usage examples of "sirs".

Begum, children, all you other great sirs and madams, come now to sahib's office, and I will tell.

And that, sirs, will be more terrible than anything you've ever faced or imagined before.

It is, sirs, that I'd thought too much upon my own needs and too little on the problem at hand.

Why, sirs, if you had been where I have been and seen what I have seen: jewels, my lords, precious beyond all belief .

His was a stately nose, sirs, before which all of Ortmund was wont to tremble.

If ever you doubt your manhood, sirs, I challenge you: Run not lo your mirrors, but rather, reach down, grasp your parts firmly and pray that our good and gracious Hoom-Tet will get the juices churning.

Know this, young sirs, and all of you: Tentatively, and prior to your own good council, we have sent couriers so that within three days Castle-Gortfin will be under siege of men and magic.

In short, sirs, though we have been told of deadly peril, we still see only this young man with his command of youthful knights and squires—and now you, Sir Collin, all aglow, to emphasize Marack's concern.

So finally, noble sirs, if this be sooth—then, in the matter of the dottles and the night, what, indeed, is one more broken shibboleth?

But consider, Sirs, when the spearpoint strikes, the winner is one who is able to put not only his own weight, but that of his horse, for an instant, behind the blow.

But not only that, Sirs,” said Sir Gawain, “but those who would invade Lyonesse have heard, beyond any doubt, that our trees are magick.