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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Siro may refer to:

  • Fernando Siro
  • Siro (fictional character)
  • Siro the Epicurean
  • Syrus of Genoa, saint
  • Syrus of Pavia, saint

Usage examples of "siro".

And Icebones spoke of Kilukpuk, and of Kilukpuk's rivalry with her brother, Aglu, and of Kilukpuk's calves, Hyros and Siros, who had squabbled and fought in their jealousy, of Kilukpuk's favorite, Probos, and how Probos had become Matriarch of all the mammoths and their Cousins.

  But the will of Chosroes was no longer revered, and Siroes, ^* who gloried in the rank and merit of his mother Sira, had conspired with the malecontents to assert and anticipate the rights of primogeniture.

It appears Siroes misled us with regard to his reverse transfer ideas for the dome.