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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sire \Sire\, v. t. [imp. & p. p. Sired; p. pr. & vb. n. Siring.] To beget; to procreate; -- used of beasts, and especially of stallions.


vb. (en-past of: sire)

Usage examples of "sired".

A murder plot against Baron Bolduk's younger whelp—Bolduk's Line currently harbored no active animosity toward the Line Sired by Krevonel, but neither were we obligated to dispatch a warning.

He is the Baron Gurborian of the Line Sired by Reptur, murderer of this man's father, and his archenemy.

I assure you that the Line Sired by Krevonel has consistently opposed any reliance upon magic.

In the past, the Line Sired by Ternak had held influential positions in Alizon.

It was over fifty years ago when the blood feud between your Line and the Line Sired by Pagurian reached its climax.

The indelible stain upon the Line Sired by Krevonel had been the tradition that we descended ultimately from Alizon's Lady Kylaina and the treacherous mage Elsenar.

By Alizonder Line-right, however, it clearly should have descended through the Line Sired by Krevonel.

I had been sired by Elsenar almost seventy-six years ago, but a thousand years earlier, he had sired the foundation for the House of Krevonel.

Krevonel, the Foresire of my own Line, had been sired a thousand years previously by Elsenar.

The leadership of Gurborian's faction had been seized by two barons, Balaran from Gurborian's own Line Sired by Reptur, and Ruchard of the Line Sired by Gohdar.

         In the obscure beginnings there is said to have been, there was, in Lithuania a she-wolf, whose grandson, the black dog Perkun, sired the bitch Senta.

Prinz out of our Harras, whom Senta had whelped, and Perkun sired Senta.

The courier's letter announced that the Führer and Chancellor was sojourning in the liberated city of Danzig and wished to make the acquaintance of deserving citizens, one of these being Friedrich Liebenau, whose shepherd dog Harras had sired the Führer's shepherd dog Prinz.

But the dog Prinz, sired by the shepherd male Harras and whelped by the shepherd bitch Thekla, made history: he was given to the Führer and Chancellor for his birthday and, because he was the Führer's favorite dog, shown in the newsreels.

But Harras, who had sired the Führer's favorite dog Prinz, was poisoned on political grounds with poisoned meat, and buried in the dog cemetery.