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The Collaborative International Dictionary

Sipho is a genus of sea snails, marine gastropod mollusks in the family Buccinidae, the true whelks.

The name of the genus Sipho Mörch, 1852 [ex Klein] has become invalid and is a synonym of Colus Röding, 1798. A previous use of the genus name Sipho T. Brown, 1827 is now a synonym of Puncturella

Usage examples of "sipho".

But I heard how Sipho said they sent a black policeman to pick up the brains with a shovel.

Bridget Sulzer, Ivy and Dick Terblanche, Aletta Gous, Marisa Kgosana, Mark Liebowitz, Sipho Mokoena-any of those long time associates of my mother and father who were still at large, neither in jail, in exile, nor opted out, or even the new frequenters who from time to time were attracted into that house.

I giggle with their Katya like the adolescent girls at school, who were in that phase while Sipho Mokoena was showing Tony and me the bullet hole in his trouser-leg and I was running back and forth to visit prison, the first prison, where my mother was.

Steranko and Siphoner, dressed today in a two-piece funsuit the color of pickled beets.

The siphoner, gotten up now in a two-piece tweedsuit, ginger moustache and plaid bowler, was sitting on a neowood bench near the big window.

Simna to suspect it was some kind of arthropod siphoner, like an anteater or echidna.