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Sina may refer to:

  • Chin (China), or Sina , old Chinese form of the Sanskrit name Cina (चीन)
    • Shina (word), or Sina , old Japanese word for China
    • Sinae, Latin name for China
  • Sina Corp (新浪), Chinese online media company
  • Sina, Albania, or Sinë, village in Dibër County, Albania
  • Sina, Iran (سينا), a village in Isfahan Province, Iran
  • Sina, Bushehr (سينا), a village in Bushehr Province, Iran
  • Sina Rural District, in East Azerbaijan Province, Iran
  • Sina District, in San Antonio de Putina Province, Peru
  • "Sina", a song by Brazilian singer Djavan
  • "Soulfood To Go (Sina)", English title of a cover of this song by Manhattan Transfer (band)
  • Sina and the Eel, a Samoan myth of origin
  • Sina-1, an Iranian satellite launched on a Russian rocket in October 2005
  • Sina 7 (frigate), an Iranian frigate launched on Nov 2012
  • Sina class, designation of the Iranian missile boat Paykan
  • Sina Bank, a private Iranian bank
  • Society for Indecency to Naked Animals, a hoax perpetuated by Alan Abel
  • Ibn Sīnā (c. 980 – 1037), Avicenna, a Persian physician, philosopher, and scientist
  • Elvis Sina (born 1978), an Albanian footballer
  • Nasser Sina (born 1962), a Kurdish veteran and journalist
  • Than Sina, Cambodian politician
  • Sina Ashouri (born 1988), an Iranian footballer
  • Ali Sina (activist), pseudonym of the founder of Faith Freedom International, a secularist website with critiques of Islam