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simple group

n. (context group theory English) a (l en group) which has no (l en normal subgroup normal subgroups) apart from the (l en trivial group) and itself


SIMPLE Group Limited is a conglomeration of separately run companies that each has its core area in Tax Planning. The core business areas are Legal Services, Fiduciary Activities, Offshore Banking, offshore outsourcing, Corporate Service and Offshore Business Services.

The date of incorporation is listed as 1999 by Companies House of Gibraltar, who class it as a holding company; however it is understood that SIMPLE Group's business and trading activities date to the second part of the 90s, probably as an incorporated body.

SIMPLE Group Limited is a conglomerate that cultivate secrecy, they are not listed on any Stock Exchange and the group is owned by a complicated series of offshore trusts and companies in order to protect the owners. The Sunday Times stated that SIMPLE Group's interests could be evaluated at £77 million; the shareholders are understood to be a group of Swiss Private Banks' owners.

Each of the companies operating under the SIMPLE Group umbrella are independent, with most being majority owned by SIMPLE Group, while previous owners still holds minority stakes. Occasionally, They simply licenses the SIMPLE brand to a company that has purchased a division or service from them.

With a few exceptions, none of the companies began as wholly owned SIMPLE Group's subsidiaries but instead where acquired from different previous owners.

Usage examples of "simple group".

It was a simple group, in spite of its university setting, and it had responded to his oratory as uncritically as any groundlings.

Father Devlin never understood it, and although repeated examination in the mirror, and exploratory licking, told him that his dog-tooth was not really that of a vampire, he was of that simple group of mankind that believes the camera cannot lie, and besides, he did not like to criticize the Senator.

Questions demanding answers flew in our direction, replies were quickly given, and once the whole story was out, we found ourselves in the midst of a furious mob instead of a simple group of people.