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Šime is a masculine Croatian given name. Notable people with the name include:

  • Šime Budinić (1535–1600), a 16th-century Catholic priest and writer from Zadar, Venetian Dalmatia (today Croatia)
  • Šime Ljubić (1822–1896), Croatian historian
  • Šime Đodan (1927–2007), Croatian politician and economist
  • Šime Luketin (born 1953), Croatian footballer
  • Šime Vrsaljko (born 1992), Croatian footballer

Usage examples of "sime".

On this now leaped and twisted a more indescribable horde of human abnormality than any but a Sime or an Angarola could paint.

It was the abortifacient, she was sure, that was what she was using to detect Sime fetuses.

Sime dressed, went out in the chilly drizzle, and boarded one of the crowded buses carrying selected Los Alamos scientists and engineers to the test ground.

They stoode with their serpentlike feete vpon the lower part of the couer vnder the necke, betwixt the which and the lower vessell, was one quantitie, and from his vpper gracilament descending, he ioyned with the turned in sime of the circumferent lymbus or verdge, where they did closely byte togither.

Sime and Gen alike, who have given their lives to abolish the junct transfer.

She had toured a Last Year House once, seen the ghastly death that awaited any Sime who became junct after their first year as an adult.

Unity, any Sime could be junct and walk the streets safely because every Gen would understand what he was.

The worker Gen hid under the table, emanating fear--emotion every junct Sime craved.

But most of these Simes were junct, and in months or a few short years would be dead.

Since the days of Rimon Farris, we have added to the roll of martyrs, Sime and Gen alike, who have given their lives to abolish the junct transfer.

Or I could be close to death by attrition and not experience half the agony of the ordinary Sime in disjunction.

If he can show that I died of attrition when my so-called Companion was taken by an ordinary Sime in the kill, the entire Tecton will come under official investigation.

Sime Anderson stood in the queue outside the dining car, pondering a common quandary of wartime-whether to propose marriage before going off to serve in a distant place.

As Rosier stamped across the hall, Robert Simes was standing waiting at the door.

In the second volley, when the Simes were upon them, one townswoman went down, dead, caught full in the face.