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Silver leaf or Silverleaf may refer to:

Usage examples of "silverleaf".

Western Heart was right in the path, and from what I hear, Silverleaf was one of the tribes that refused to join with the others.

The other openings overlooked a terraced slope that fell away to a creek lined with silverleaf trees.

Native silverleaf and yellowwood, imported oaks and paper birch towered to give shade, and the high wall that surrounded the estate was a shape beneath mounds of rose and wisteria.

Selecting a long wooden flute, Seregil piped out a simple tune and then sang the verse in a voice that would have made Rolan Silverleaf cringe.

Murray Hill off Park Avenue South, where the Silverleaf Tavern was an upscale restaurant.

Benny had put in a call to J earlier about the overdose at the Silverleaf, and when I called, J told me to get on down to the office.

Mrs Silverleaf, who appeared to have heard none of this for she had made no comment upon it.

Meanwhile Mrs Silverleaf was collecting her possessions and packing them away into a large bundle ready to depart.

The Baeron, yet mounted upon their massive horses, drew together at the ready and Urel and Durul called out to Silverleaf, yet what they said, Tipperton haling his pony to a halt did not hear.

Silverleaf signalled to Larana and she blew her bugle, and the Baeron, now in formation, spurred their horses forward, the massive chargers flying in a wide wedge through the perimeter and toward the oncoming enemy, Elves and Dwarves and Fjordlanders and Jutes afoot running after the great galloping steeds.