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Silveira (Torres Vedras)

Silveira is a parish ( freguesia) in the municipality of Torres Vedras in Portugal. The population in 2011 was 8,530, in an area of 24.97 km².


Silveira is a Portuguese language surname which may refer to:

  • Abraham Patusca da Silveira (1905–1990), Brazilian football striker
  • Alcides Silveira (1938–2011), Uruguayan international football player and coach of the Uruguay national football team
  • Amarildo Tavares da Silveira (1901–?), Brazilian football striker
  • Caue Fernandes Silveira (born 1988), Brazilian footballer
  • Fabio Trinidade da Silveira (born 1977), Brazilian footballer commonly known as Fabinho
  • Francisco Silveira, Count of Amarante (1763–1821), Portuguese army lieutenant general who fought in the Napoleonic Wars
  • Gonçalo da Silveira (1526–1561), Portuguese Jesuit missionary in southern Africa
  • Juan Silveira dos Santos (born 1979), Brazilian footballer commonly known as Juan
  • Juliana Silveira (born 1980), Brazilian actress and singer
  • Larry Silveira (born 1965), American golfer
  • Leandro Hercílio Carvalho da Silveira (born 1983), Brazilian footballer
  • Leonor Silveira (born 1970), Portuguese actress
  • Lucas Silveira (born 1974), Canadian vocalist/guitarist and songwriter for the rock band The Cliks
  • Lucas Silveira (Brazilian singer) (born 1983), lead vocalist, guitarist and songwriter for the Brazilian emocore band Fresno
  • Luís Henrique Silveira (born 1979), Brazilian football left back
  • Maria do Carmo Silveira (born 1960?), former Prime Minister of São Tomé and Príncipe
  • Martim Mércio da Silveira (1911–1972), Brazilian footballer
  • Onésimo Silveira (born 1935), Cape Verdean politician and writer
  • Sebastião da Silveira Cintra (1882–1942), Brazilian Roman Catholic cardinal
  • Regina Silveira, artist