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n. (plural of sill English)

Usage examples of "sills".

The carapace of the instrument binnacle, the inclined planes of the dashboard panel, the metal sills of the radio and ashtrays gleamed around me like altarpieces, their geometries reaching towards my body like the stylized embraces of some hyper-cerebral machine.

Together we showed our wounds to each other, exposing the scars on our chests and hands to the beckoning injury sites on the interior of the car, to the pointed sills of the chromium ashtrays, to the lights of a distant intersection.

He was examining not the rooms beyond but the inner sills and frames of the windows.

They sit naked on the upper dormitory window sills showing me their round bottoms, or lean out of the windows naked, their bare boobs swaying as they call to one another.

Two carpenters appeared and laid the sills for an addition to the house, twenty feet long by eighteen feet wide, just behind the kitchen, which was in the L.

I was familiar with this near-purposeless gallery, with its three large windows, arched, their sills deep enough to sit in, which gave out onto the yard, the gardens, and, beyond, the sea.

That place, with its two wings running parallel to each other, the one housing women, the other men, saw enacted on its deep sills the most lewd theatricals imaginable, with the men doing to the men what the women might wish to do to them, and vice versa, with the women putting to purpose upon one another props quite crudely fashioned.

Homes not so very far from the road sat up to their sills in brown water, and hay that had been harvested into cones poked up through the floodwaters, an archipelago of bristling, tiny islands.

I could see their very windows and the sills on which prized ladies and honored men had once leaned, taking in the view of a world that belonged to them, or so it must have seemed.

A red Cavalier with rusting sills and a dented bonnet, it was parked at an angle with one rear wheel on the pavement.