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n. 1 (plural of silk English)Category:English plurals 2 (context circus arts in the plural English) A pair of long silk sheets suspended in the air on which a performer performs tricks.


n. the brightly colored garments of a jockey; emblematic of the stable

Usage examples of "silks".

When finally the future Queen of the French spotted her silks, her mother was ecstatic!

Finally, having my fill of stares in the street, I determined to find a tailor of the city who might put its famed silks to purpose and re-suit me.

Parthian and Babylonian leather, cottons, silks, both raw and manufactured, ebony, ivory, and eunuchs.

Two hundred years after the age of Pliny, the use of pure, or even of mixed silks, was confined to the female sex, till the opulent citizens of Rome and the provinces were insensibly familiarized with the example of Elagabalus, the first who, by this effeminate habit, had sullied the dignity of an emperor and a man.

But in this expedition or pilgrimage, his power was exercised in the administration of justice: he reformed the licentious polygamy of the Arabs, relieved the tributaries from extortion and cruelty, and chastised the luxury of the Saracens, by despoiling them of their rich silks, and dragging them on their faces in the dirt.

Of the treasures, which trade and luxury had accumulated, the silks, velvets, furs, the gems, spices, and rich movables, were the most precious, as they could not be procured for money in the ruder countries of Europe.

Of course, while the emeralds were real, her silks were a product of the World of Dreams.

Her sister pretended to disdain silks, but she seldom missed an opportunity to wear them.

Several sets of Aiel garb hung in another of the wardrobes, but Tylin had given her chests of finely cut silks and woolens before they left Ebou Dar, enough to fill nearly a quarter of the carved cabinets.

She was a stocky woman, with brown hair cut close around a square face, and despite her green silks, lacking Aes Sedai agelessness she would have looked a farmwife.

Her wrists and ankles still bore the marks of Seanchan chains, though hidden by her silks now.

She flung the mirror down, struggled out of the whispering, offensively clinging silks, tossed them aside, and wept for shame and disappointment.

Desert-bred, she found the weight of furs and wadded silks, plus the riding clothes they concealed, distressing.

The Chinese Emperor in Peking gave them a tiny permanent base at Macao in southern China and agreed to trade silks for silver.

And in the same breath say that you are delighted to inform him that the Black Ship will sail three weeks early, with the biggest cargo of silks and gold ever, that all our assignments of goods and our portion of the cargo and .