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SII may be an acronym of:

  • Chartered Institute for Securities & Investment (Securities & Investment Institute), a London-based professional and training body
  • Investigation Bureau for Railway, Funicular and Boat Accidents (Servizio d’inchiesta sugli infortuni dei trasporti pubblici), a Swiss Government accident and incident investigation agency
  • Seiko Instruments Inc., one of three core companies of the Seiko Group
  • Silicon Image Inc., a manufacturer of wireless and wired connectivity products used for high-definition content
  • Smith International Inc., New York Stock Exchange ticker symbol
  • Speech transmission index (Speech intelligibility index), a way to measure the understandability of speech for a listener in different conditions (noise, hearing loss, etc.)
  • Standards Institution of Israel, the national standard-setting organization of Israel and an ISO member organization
  • Strong Interest Inventory, one of the most popular career assessment tools

or it may refer to

  • Secondary somatosensory cortex (S2), a functionally-defined region in the brain's parietal cortex
  • Samsung Galaxy S II, or Samsung Galaxy S2, the successor to the Samsung Galaxy S