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Douglas Harper's Etymology Dictionary

"features of a place that are deemed worth seeing," 1630s, plural of sight (n.).


n. 1 (plural of sight English) 2 the things worth seeing in a particular place 3 the devices through which one looks in order to aim a rifle or similar weapon vb. (en-third-person singular of: sight)

Usage examples of "sights".

More than all do I rejoice that this, our first, and perhaps our most difficult and dangerous, step has been accomplished without the bringing thereinto our most sweet Madam Mina or troubling her waking or sleeping thoughts with sights and sounds and smells of horror which she might never forget.

There they stood, the hands twitching, the lips apart, the fierce features instinct with the hungry lust of battle, and in the eyes a look like the glare of a bloodhound when after long pursuit he sights his quarry.

CHAPTER XXI AN AIR SCOUT FOR ZODANGA As I proceeded on my journey toward Zodanga many strange and interesting sights arrested my attention, and at the several farm houses where I stopped I learned a number of new and instructive things concerning the methods and manners of Barsoom.

In a hundred places they had applied the torch, and columns of dense smoke were rising above the city as though to blot out from the eye of heaven the horrid sights beneath.

I got the sights dead on to a certain spot at the back of that red cave.

I am upon Barsoom is all that I can guess, and but for you and the great white apes I should not even guess that, for the sights I have seen this day are as unlike the things of my beloved Barsoom as I knew it ten long years ago as they are unlike the world of my birth.

Thurid paid not the slightest attention to the screaming things that either menaced or pleaded with him as the mood directed them--evidently he was familiar with the horrid sights that surrounded him.

I have seen many splendid pageants and many sights, each of which might be the talk of a lifetime, but somehow nothing ever so engrossing, so thrilling, as that ghostly figure in flowing robes stealing across the piazza in starlight and silence--the princess of a broken kingdom, the priestess of a forgotten faith coming to her station to perform a jugglery of which she knew not even the meaning.

The pleasure which she had very seldom known beforeof being carried on wheels, and the swift succession of sights and sounds pressing from all directions upon her fatigued senses, were bemusing, and imparted to her surroundings a rather dreamlike quality.

She started to follow his direction, but her gaze was distracted by the strange sights surrounding them.

When these sorry spectacles became too much, however, he simply set his sights on the city itself, and his weary limbs found fresh strength.

He was by no means certain that these sights were real the way the body lying beside the temple pool below had been real.

And it was someone who had been there and seen these sights with their own eyes.

On the superstructure deck the torpedo tubes trained out on either side and all circuits and sights were tested.

It was a pattern of activity, an ordered arrangement of sights and sounds, orders and acknowledgments which I knew would become as familiar as similar patterns on the wooden subchaser, already being crowded out of memory.