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n. (plural of sigh English) vb. (en-third-person singular of: sigh)

Usage examples of "sighs".

When it dawns on him that I want to ask something, he sighs, rolls his eyes up and tells whoever is on the line to hold on.

She intertwines her fingers, pressing obscure pressure points on knuckle and wrist, then sighs and rubs her eyes.

The man in black sighs softly, turning his eyes from the black stone railing to the other covered porch where a shaded table set for four awaits.

He sighs, then glances at Liedral, whose eyes find his He walks over to the pallet.

Although he is convinced, and his rough calculations bear him out, that the Balance is mechanical, and nothing more, he sighs softly in the darkness.

In the carrier on the seat beside him, Bink sighs, nose pressed through mesh.

Vanden sighs after it finally becomes clear to her that no one is interested in Camden.

Maria sighs as I move against her, smiles and writhes in tandem with me—follows my lead this time, the slow, languorous rhythm I've chosen to bring us to our eventual, inevitable release.

She sighs and I embrace her like this for a few more moments… then snap my jaws shut.

She flies by my side for a few minutes longer, then sighs as she breaks away and soars across the valley.

Elizabeth, in her human form, naked, still lounging under the sheets, sighs, and says, "I haven't even finished packing.

She sighs, then puts on a pout to let Mom know she's still reluctant, but obedient.

He checks a status report with Citymind, and sighs: His version number has just been bumped a point.

Creslin sighs silently, hoping that not many of the men are as chaos-dominated as Narran.