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Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English
side benefit
▪ A side benefit for Deborah was that she gained some extra time to get caught up on work and to see Paul.
▪ A side benefit is that storing documents by date and time provides context.
▪ A side benefit, according to the Dallas Police Force: reduced crime rates.
▪ But an unintended side benefit was a gain in air quality.
▪ There is a side benefit, however.

Usage examples of "side benefit".

It has the side benefit of creating a database of the visitors to the site.

The highly specialized training he'd received had taught him how to deal excruciating pain to another human being, but a side benefit to that knowledge was that he also knew how to give pleasure.

There was also a side benefit of not having to worry about a crime problem based upon a narcotics trade.

And an unforeseen side benefit is that it works all day, cleaning your breath.

As a side benefit David no longer needed to give planning to the pursuit of his favorite sport.

And, he reflected, assigning York would have the side benefit of closing down another couple of lobbies&mdash.

The rest of the time she'd devote to Tony, with the side benefit of having another opportunity to enjoy the sights and sounds of Myrtle Beach and Martha's Madness.

Inhabitants of Rennell Island, a traditional Polynesian island that did not become Westernized until the 1930s, told me that Westernization yielded the wonderful side benefit that the island became quiet.