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n. (context slang English) sadiki


Šid (, ) is a town and municipality in the Syrmia District of Vojvodina, Serbia. Šid town has a population of 14,893, and Šid municipality 34,188.

Šid (disambiguation)

Šid can refer to:

  • Šid, town and municipality in Serbia
  • Šid, Lučenec, village in Slovakia

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Šíd is a village and municipality in the Lučenec District in the Banská Bystrica Region of Slovakia.

Sid (band)

is a Japanese visual kei rock band, formed in 2003 and signed to Sony Records.

Sid (Skins series 1)

"Sid" is the fifth episode of the first series of the British teen drama Skins. It was written by Jamie Brittain and directed by Minkie Spiro.1, Sid on It aired on E4 on 22 February 2007. It is told from the point of view of main character Sid Jenkins.

Sid (given name)

Sid is a nickname originating from the name Sidney, Siddharth or Sidra, though it is also used for people with other given names.

Usage examples of "sid".

Yard that a man named Sid Jones who had been left at the hospital was involved in the murder of the minor criminal, Gabbing Dick, about whom I questioned you some days ago.

His secretary, non-Bindman Sid Mosk, opened the office door and put his head in.

Sid Mosk, entering the office, glanced from Luckman to Mutreaux and then back at his employer again.

I finished the short version, some Oak Bluffs cops, Sid Roebuck, and another DIA man were there, so I got to tell the whole story again.

Thus was born the Taffia a name which Sid conjured up for the three of them.

The Sid Buller attempt was his first and immediate response to learning from Tasker that you were alive and that his future control of the Glencullen fortune was therefore threatened.

Harold Dolan, also of SID, testified to having compared it to the Watson exemplar, finding eighteen points of identity, eight more than LAPD requires for a positive identification.

Sid Vicious has lost whatever transgressive allure it may once have had.

Sid followed the stretcher back to the skimmer where an aidman had it grounded while he worked on the bleeding and strapped on some narco-spray nerve blocks.

Lawyers arranged for Sid to work off the beef with community service, namely by using his great talents and influence to make an antidrug movie, preferably full-length and for theatrical release.

Ernie and Sid, first out of the chute into the antidrug arena, were making the town look good.

Sid, you and Bob Sharp go down into the canebrake there and get two or three dozen of the longest canes you can find.

Sid turned to the section of the Manual covering his duties as Safety Officer on Canis IV.

Harry and Sid, had helped him carry boxes of books and dishware upstairs when he had first moved in.

Tom and Kit jumped around in their seats to stare dumfounded at the half-stripped cadet climbing through the hatch into the power deck, followed by Sid.